Happy Canada Day – Foto Friday

Today marks the 149th anniversary of Canada’s birth. I love this country we call home, and I consider myself lucky to be part of a nation known for kindness, compassion, and diversity. It has to be one of the best places to live on Earth, especially when you’re having the kind of weather we did this past week.

That snap was taken on the cliffside in Flatrock, Newfoundland. On the horizon you can see the tip of Logy Bay. Beyond that lies Signal Hill and downtown St. John’s. The 8K trek from Flatrock to Torbay takes about three hours and is an extremely nice hike on a portion of the East Coast Trail. I did it last Monday with my buddy Luke and his adorable Aussiedoodle pooch, Jasper.

I love the geology here because you can so plainly pick it out. The rock beds sharply jut out from the ocean, and on this hike you’ll see lots of folds in the sedimentary units.

It’s been a long but enjoyable week. I worked a tough landscaping job, did some hiking, played some soccer, got outside quite a bit, I’ve started a new painting, and I’ve begun to plan a move to the west coast of Canada. Life is good!


Featured image: The sprawling coastline as seen from the East Coast Trail. – Flatrock, Newfoundland

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