Everyone has heard of it by now. Everyone knows what and how it happened. Everyone knows who did it. But it still doesn’t make sense to me.

Early Sunday morning, June 12th, 49 human beings were shot down and killed in cold blood as they were enjoying a night out at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. 49 people killed, 53 more wounded, and countless others forever changed by the events of this night.

Forty-nine. One man with guns.


One man did this. One man, who was interviewed by the FBI in 2013 and 2014. He was interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation twice. And yet, a couple of years later, he was able to walk into a store and purchase a Sig Sauer MCX rifle, Glock 17 handgun, and ammunition. These weapons he obtained only a week before the premeditated attack. How is this possible?

Before you think I’m going to make a pro- or anti-gun argument, I’d simply like to proclaim that I am making a pro-common sense argument. Having the legal ability to walk into a store and obtain a weapon that could harm, injure, or kill up to 30 people without a background check, permit, or safety training DOES NOT AND WILL NEVER MAKE SENSE. I cannot and will never understand this facet of American culture and legislation. Many of us drive cars; massive hunks of metal which travel at high speed that can, and sometimes, result in human fatalities. And guess what? In order to obtain one, you have to undergo training and licensing before you’re even able to drive whatsoever. If the motor vehicle department had the same policy as gun stores had, you’d turn 16 and be able to drive any car, at any time, without any license or safety training.

Did you notice how that doesn’t make any sense?

Just your typical American gun store. Source

I get it, America loves its guns. They are deeply embedded within the culture and spirit of our neighbour state to the south. But it still doesn’t make sense. You can love your guns, sure, but you should be held accountable by law to exercise your passion and hobby in a safe manner. That starts with background checks. I’ve read through so many comment sections (which I highly recommend you avoid so that you save some faith in humanity), and see so much garbage about the second amendment, gun rights, whatever, blah, blah, blah it’s the same old shit.

Shut the fuck up.

This doesn’t make sense, and should not be possible. Source

It’s no secret that America has a serious problem with guns. Regardless of whether you believe guns kill people or people kill people, the guns are there and they’re a problem. If you’re old enough, you can walk into any gun store and buy a gun.


In my mind there’s an obvious solution. And if it isn’t an outright solution, it’s a least a start on the path to a solution. If you are a law-abiding citizen, have nothing to hide, and have no ulterior motives for owning a high-powered rifle which can fire up to 30 rounds at a time over 700 meters per second outside of hobby or collection, then what is there to fear? No one is taking away your guns. No one will be violating your rights if you still have access to guns. No one wants to infringe on your precious “freedom”. By employing such policies they’ll simply make the process of obtaining a gun more difficult for the psychopaths that walk among you.

Let me illustrate: I walk into a gun store and have to wait two to three days to obtain permission to buy my gun, but at the same time so does some homicidal, unstable asshole who plans on shooting up a nightclub. After a short waiting period, my background check comes back clean and I get my gun. After the same waiting period, unstable asshole’s background check comes back with some red flags and he doesn’t get his gun. I get my gun, I’m happy; asshole doesn’t get his gun, asshole is unhappy. But asshole doesn’t get his gun.

Put in a painfully simple way: Background Check = Law-abiding citizen get gun, asshole no get gun.

This does not mean that the asshole won’t get a gun through some other means, it simply means that it will be HARDER for him to get it. Honestly, it’s a win-win that I cannot believe our friends down south do not comprehend. But I digress.

I will not use any charts, numbers, or graphs. We’ve all seen them. The United States blows every other country on Earth out of the water in this sector. So when will it end? Where is the tipping point? When will people grow up, get sick of seeing their neighbours, coworkers, friends, family members, and children get mowed down by easily-obtained weapons and stand up – not even for what is right – but for what is fucking common sense?

Regardless of this man’s motivation, whether it be terrorism in the name of ISIS, being homophobic, or just being mentally unstable – this was an act of hate.

This brings me to the next massive thing I cannot understand. I simply cannot understand how people think they’re better than anyone else. Race, gender, sexual orientation, ideologies, religious beliefs. How does being on one end of the spectrum within these fields make one better or worse than anyone else? Why does the way people choose to live their lives or express their beliefs offend certain people? How could it ever possibly affect you in any way whatsoever unless they made it a point to impose their lifestyles or belief systems upon you?

Currently I’d have to say I’m an agnostic person. I was born and raised by a heavily Roman Catholic family, but after years and years of learning about science and studying a scientific field, I just shook myself out of that mindset. It’s not that I don’t believe a God is possible – the universe is an incredibly bizarre and weird place, and come on, if God exists there is no way possible we’d ever have a clue what it/He/She was. But, after studying the scientific method I know that I cannot prove a God, nor is there any proof I can observe. Does that mean I think I am somehow better than my more religious counterparts? No. We can debate all day about God or no God, but at the end of the day it changes nothing about one very important fact: we are all the same.


We are all human beings. We all have goals, fears, wants, needs, beliefs, feelings, and a story. But, the main point is that after all that, we are all still human beings. A man, woman, or anything in between, living on the other side of this Earth is no more or less human than I am, and nothing they do will ever change that. There are smart people. There are dumb people. LGBTQ people. Straight people. Happy people. Sad people. Healthy people. Sick people. Good people. Bad people. But in the end, we are all people. Genetically we are all almost identical, this is a scientific fact. I just cannot get over how small differences such as skin colour, place of origin, beliefs, or sexual orientation make us so quickly lose sight of this fact. I feel bad for those that are quick to group people in these ways, because they somehow believe they’re better, or that being different is a weakness, or they fear what they do not understand. It is a very unfortunate and backwards part of humanity, and one I hope becomes a distant memory someday.

I’m not sorry for this rant, and I hope it made sense. Guns should be harder to get, and people should practice love, not hate, because we’re all fundamentally the same. The world is a scary place, but there is nothing to fear in this case besides the complete insanity of America’s gun system.

My thoughts and love go out to the friends and family of all those affected by the events of June 12th. I hope that after all the pain and suffering the survivors have endured that they find peace with themselves in what’s sure to be a difficult road to recovery, and keep those around them close. There is much good in this world, and you can see it everywhere.

Massive lineups to donate blood for the victims of June 12th sprung up all over Orlando in the days following the attack. Source

Maybe one day everyone will wake up and start living with some common sense. But until then, think, act, love, and be good to one another. Love beats hate every single time.


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