Snapshot Saturday – 11/06/16

What’s your dream birthday? For some it’s a wild night out, for others it’s being in a special place. For me it’s doing as little as possible, letting the day drag out, relaxing, spending time with family and close friends, and this:

A beer, a Cuban cigar, and a round of golf. It may have been “cold enough to freeze da arse off ya,” and I shot a horrible score, but it was perfection.

Here’s to the late 20’s.


{the hematite blog} is a very new blog by a very regular guy that wants to learn and write about all sorts of stuff. I’m a little rusty, and this blog is about my journey to shake some of that rust off, get better at stuff, learn, and try new things. Maybe we can all learn something along the way. Thanks for stopping by!

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