Tuney Tuesday (Yes, I Know it’s Wednesday)

OMG YOU GUYS. The Red Hot Chili Peppers have a new album coming out.

The first single from their forthcoming eleventh studio album called The Getaway is entitled “Dark Necessities”, and it’s brilliant.

True to form for RHCP, this tune carries the characteristic guitar licks and lead vocals we’ve heard over the years, and Flea’s bass rings out with powerful funk slaps and pops. But something is very different here. Piano, played by guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, leads the song alongside the guitar and lends a very poppy sound to the overall composition. Beyond that, the drums are heavily funk-driven, but are very reduced compared to previous outings by Chad Smith. I can’t say that’s to my taste, but it does work very well in the song. The lyrics are chilling and introspective, as Anthony Keidis digs into his word-spinning stock once again to talk about some twisted part of his long, crazy life: “Yeah, you don’t know my mind / You don’t know my kind / Dark necessities are part of my design.” The group dispatched with longtime producer Rick Rubin and sought the guidance and direction of Danger Mouse for producing this record. Originally I had heard they had over 30 songs written and ready to go for this album, but it just so happens that Danger Mouse told them to chill and write all new ones. I’m excited they went back to the drawing board, because if the first single Dark Necessities is anything to go by, this album stands to be a new, goosebump-inducing, funk-pop direction for a band that I hold near and dear to my heart.

Oh, and did I mention I’m going to see them at Osheaga in Montreal at the end of July? I can barely contain myself here.


Featured image: RHCP are BACK. – Google

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