Gone For a Trot

I was going to do a Foto Friday last week. When I missed my window for that post, I was going to do a Snapshot Saturday, then a Snapshot Sunday. When both those days passed me by I was going to do a Tuney Tuesday. I even had a song picked and the post written out in my head. But after a long day of yard work and soccer in the evening, the sun had set on Tuney Tuesday, too.

I’ve been fighting my natural procrastination by working on new exciting projects, making plans for long posts, scheduling research, and reading up on interesting things. But sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes you just have to get out and take in the view. This post is literally just going to be a small photo dump of a hike I did on the East Coast Trail a couple of weeks ago with my friend Greg and his dog Kya. Our route took us from the Ocean Sciences Centre in Logy Bay, westward along the coast through Robin Hood Bay, eventually spitting us out in Quidi Vidi Village. It was a beautiful, cool day, and I may still be recovering from the burn I received after the sun made a rare appearance.

I hope you enjoy the photos!

The Ocean Science Centre.
The cliffs just beyond the Ocean Sciences Centre.


Greg and Kya standing tall at Sugar Loaf Head.
Cliffside descent to lunch. That’s Cape Spear in the distance.
River mouth just past Robin Hood Bay. The red colouring is due to high iron content.


Not pictured: A feed of moose sausages and maple beans for lunch.
It’s hard to make out, but it’s not actually cloudy. That’s fog, rising up from the Atlantic and heading inland to spoil a beautiful day.
Amazing cliffs and a waterfall.
A view of Quidi Vidi Village on the home stretch.

Whatever your week brings you, I hope you get out, get some fresh air, and enjoy the view. There’s nothing better.


Featured image: A lunch by the bay. – Newfoundland

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