Snapshot Sunday – 17/04/16

Although the snow has mostly melted and spring is started to take root, it’s still so cold here. Sometimes I feel it would be totally worth it to just slam my credit and splurge on a one way ticket somewhere at least 20 degrees warmer.

Somewhere like this:


That’s a snap from Oceanside, a coastal stopover we made on our geological road trip across the western U.S. a few years ago. Initially we were supposed to do many academic things not far from here, but it was far too nice a day so our professors thought it best to let us off the leash for the afternoon. To the dismay of many locals, our (20 person) group immediately charged into the refreshing waters of the Pacific. It was springtime for them and so any locals enjoying the surf were wearing full wet suits. Being from a place where the ocean temperature is consistently near zero celsius, we all felt like we were in a giant hot tub. It was incredible, and also the first time I dove into the Pacific Ocean. I’m putting this at the top of the “Need To Go Back Here” List. You can dream, right?


Featured image: Is this even real? – Oceanside, California, U.S.A.



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