Snapshot Sunday – 03/04/16

I feel like a little kid every time I watch a sunset. They fill me with such innocent, youthful wonder and awe. Maybe that’s why I post them so often. This week I make another entry in that series.


That’s the sunset as seen from Cripple Cove, on the northern Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland about three years ago. It was also the site of my first geology field school a few years prior to that. It’s a winding hike to reach these cliffs with a few big hills along the way, but it’s completely worth it. The panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean is second to none. The rocks you’ll see there are pretty sweet, too. You’ll find a veritable smorgasbord of inter-woven volcanic units featuring several cross-cutting dykes from various episodes of active volcanism. As a young kid with almost no geology experience, it was quite a challenge. But, after a week of walking around, looking through a hand lens, making friends, and getting everything completely wrong, we all figured it out.

On this occasion, a dozen friends and I made our way to our geological holy land and camped-out for the night. You can manage the hike in an hour typically, but it takes closer to 1.5 when you’re lugging 75 pounds of badly-packed camping gear, food, and alcohol. It was quite a workout, but that only made the first drink taste better. And besides, that view was motivation to make it there alone.

Coincidentally I was suffering from early stage appendicitis when I took that photo – which I thought was gas – but that didn’t take  away from the experience (I had an appendectomy 24 hours later). In fact, I think I’ll try and organize a similar camping expedition in near future. I don’t have an appendix anymore so that won’t go wrong again, and it’s too beautiful a place not to go back to.

Speaking of the future, I’ve just started a little six part mini-series on Predicting the Future. You can check out the first part here, and I’m posting Part Two tomorrow!


Featured image: The sun dances across the Atlantic Ocean before setting. – Cripple Cove, Newfoundland

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