{the hematite blog} is Now on Facebook!

Hey friends!

First of all, thank you to everyone who has followed, liked, and commented on my blog and posts so far. It’s been quite a fun 6-7 months getting used to blogging and interacting with the WordPress community!

Today I’m inviting all of you (and hopefully a lot more of you) to pay a visit to my new Facebook page for {the hematite blog}. I thought it was time to make this page to engage with current and new readers in a new way.

Here’s the link: the new Facebook page

My aim for the Facebook extension is to attract new followers by dramatically expanding my blog’s visibility using Facebook’s excellent ad services. I’ll be using the page to post links to mainly Self-Interest and I’m A Little Rusty articles from my blog. Theoretically this will allow me to hone in on my target audience: pretty much anyone that will read my ramblings.

And now you’re asking, “dude, that’s cool and all, but where are the ‘I’m A Little Rusty’ posts?”

Yeah, about that. Well let’s just say I have a bunch of those types of posts in the pipeline. I’ve just been dealing with some other projects and general procrastination. But, they’re coming soon! One is coming really soon, actually.

And so with that little teaser I’ll leave you to enjoy your Easter Sunday. OH! Happy Easter, by the way, to those of you that observe it! I’d really appreciate it if, when your Easter meal has been devoured and you’re lounging on the couch from a turkey/chocolate coma, to please visit my new Facebook page and click the ‘Like’ button. Who knows, maybe if you do you’ll win a special prize! (Disclaimer: you won’t, but I’d be super thankful anyhow!)


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