Snapshot Saturday – 19/03/16 (Featuring A Tune Because I’m A Forgetful Man)

For this week’s selected photo I’m stealing once again from my California trip album.


That’s – well actually I have no idea where that is. It’s a canyon of some sort, and it’s definitely close to where the Grand Canyon is, but I can’t say for sure. Anyways, that’s some cool canyon as seen from about 30,000 feet, on approach to McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas. I don’t have much else to say about it, besides that it’s quite visually striking and that I had my face plastered to the window like a blubbering child the whole way down. It baffles me how, a mere century and a bit ago, views like this were the stuff of science fiction. These days there are over 100,000 flights a day, carrying millions to and from various parts of the globe. Millions of people flying through the air in metallic contraptions, sitting down leisurely as they sail across the sky. I imagine if someone from the 1700’s were brought forward in time to observe an airplane in flight they’d die of fear, bewilderment, or astonishment. If that isn’t the very definition of taking something for granted, I’m not sure what is.

Beyond that pretty pic, it turns out I totally forgot to do a Tuney Tuesday this week. Well, sorry about that to all eight of you that follow my writings. Here’s a tune to make up for it, and as it happened we had a late snowstorm this week so I’m running with that theme.


Featured image: Some cool canyon – Somewhere outside Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.


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