Foto Friday – 04/03/16

I like music.

I can vividly remember jamming out to Van Halen in the car with my dad on long drives when I was no more than five years old, slapping my hands on my thighs as if they were drums. Since then, in some way, shape, or form, I’ve been a drummer. I didn’t actually learn how to properly play them until I was about 15 – until then I’d just hammer on them incoherently. My father is a drummer, I used to help him setup with his bands in bars when I was 12, so I guess it was natural that I’d pick them up too. He tried to teach me many times, but I was always too scatter-brained or didn’t take heed to his lessons, leading me to be mostly self-taught. Either way, I love the drums. They are the first thing I hear in any song, and that’s the reason I don’t remember lyrics.

Those are my drums in the far corner of my best buddy’s basement. 2006 edition natural birch Pearl Vision’s. My baby. In this picture I had setup with my band to record an album for the RPM Challenge just this past February. We recorded an entire 10 song album in the one month, in that awesome basement. It was a testing process but we came up with some pretty cool tunes. Maybe that’ll be a future Tuney Tuesday.

Learning how to play an instrument, no matter how proficiently, has greatly enhanced my life. I urge anyone to pick up whatever instrument they want and learn how to play it, then make something beautiful with it. It’ll always be a good time.

No matter where this weekend takes you, hopefully it’s full of great music.


Featured image – Basement Sessions – St. John’s, Newfoundland


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