Townie Tacos @ Bernard Stanley Gastropub

After Friday night’s successful trip to Adelaide to sample their fantastic fish taco, and after the subsequent two day hangover from activities that took place afterwards, I decided to give another establishments taco offering a go.

So, yesterday evening, my brother and I made our way to Bernard Stanley Gastropub in downtown St. John’s to see what tacos they’d come up with for the Townie Taco Challenge. The spot itself is a nice size, well-lit, and features an old-fashioned yet homely decor. I would consider it a nice place to grab a few casual pints besides just going out for dinner.

Now, down to business.

THE TACO(s): three chorizo soft corn tacos, topped with
avocado and lime sour sream, cilantro slaw, pico de gallo, Five Brothers’ White Fleet Queso Fresco cheese, and lime juice, finished with a Sriracha Sour Cream. Served with basmati rice and vegetarian chili.

Oh my goodness. It’s redundant for me to say that those destroyed me, in the best way possible. Self-destruction by delicious taco. Not the worst way to go.

THE VERDICT: These were fantastic. I’m not a big fan of corn taco shells, but man oh man they were good and made from scratch. The chorizo was tasty sausage perfection, and the combination of the flavour from the slaw with the subtle, slow-building heat of the sriracha sour cream was unbelievable. The veggie chili with rice on the side was a wonderful surprise. I washed it all down with another Quidi Vidi Winter Ale, which was the best decision I’ve made in a while. The only negative was that it was so much food that I practically had to be excavated from their restaurant. All in all a solid taco though, and I’ve made it a point to visit this spot again soon.


  1. Short Rib Taco (Yellowbelly)
  2. Chorizo Corn Taco (Bernard Stanley)
  3. Fish Taco (Adelaide)
  4. Tiger Shrimp Tempura Taco (Yellowbelly)

Alright so I’ve tried 3/15 offerings in the Townie Taco Challenge. Maybe I can make it 7 or 8/15 by the time this all wraps up. Here’s hoping! Also, if you were just impossibly hungry, I’m sorry for making that whole deal a lot worse.


Featured image: Bernard Stanley’s delicious chorizo corn tacos. – St. John’s, Newfoundland


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