Snapshot Saturday – 19/02/16

Let’s celebrate another week sliding into the weekend with something awesome: Tacos and Beer. And yes both those things shall remain boldeditalicized, and  capitalized because they are AWESOME.

Last night I paid my first visit to the newly opened Adelaide Oyster House in downtown St. John’s for the ongoing Townie Taco Challenge. What’s that, you ask? Well, my good sir/madam, it’s a challenge presented by 15 restaurants in the St. John’s area to us, the lucky public, in an attempt to create and devour the perfect taco.

Adelaide’s outing is a rendition of the classic fish taco. It’s stuffed tight with Newfoundland cod, IPA beer batter, avocado, slaw, smoky adobo, and chipotle mayo, all rolled up in a scrumptious soft shell.

THE VERDICT: these were spicy, spicy tacos. I’m not a huge fan of heat, but I have to admit that once the heat hit me, it levelled off and enhanced the flavours brought to the dish by the avocado, slaw, and NL cod. It was delicious, and perfectly complimented by a Quidi Vidi Winter Ale. I’ll definitely be back to Adeliade soon.

I have sampled both offerings from The Yellowbelly earlier this month; a play on Surf & Turf featuring a tiger shrimp tempura taco and a short rib taco. Long story short, the short rib taco stole my heart, but everyone won in that contest.

I may try and get out to taste the other options before the month ends if I’m able to. If and when I do I’ll post about it here.

I think I’ll create a ranking list as well. The taco rankings thus far are as follows:

1. Short Rib Taco (Yellowbelly)

2. Fish Taco (Adelaide)

3. Tiger Shrimp Tempura Taco (Yellowbelly)

Stay tuned for more delicious tales of taco devouring.


Featured image: The Adelaide Oyster House’s fish taco – St. John’s, Newfoundland


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