Snapshot Sunday – 14/02/16

Happy Valentines Day to those out there celebrating romance and everything lovey dovey. This week I missed my Friday and Saturday window for Foto Friday because I’m very busy with another project, but I thought I’d throw a pic up here on Sunday for the hell of it.


That’s a photo of the ferry dock in Burgeo, taken on a beautiful, warm August evening. It’s a ten hour drive from St. John’s, and it’s an excellent drive if you have the right road trip partner. This photo reminds me that like every sunset, every moment, and indeed life, is fleeting. Whether it be happy, sad, or somewhere in between, it will eventually pass you by and turn to memory. This thought, while sobering, makes me feel good. It makes me remember to prioritize the moment sometimes in this hustle-bustle world.

So, on a day like today, look to those you love – whether that be your mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, significant other, or friend – and just be with them in the moment. Let them know you love them in your own special way.


Featured image: The sunset at the Burgeo ferry dock. – Burgeo, Newfoundland


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