Tuney Tuesday – 19/01/16

Sadly, this will be another somber Tuney Tuesday. Glenn Frey, a founder of The Eagles passed away yesterday. Another storied musician has left us. He had a hand in writing many of the classic Eagles’ hits, as well as a prominent solo career. The band actually played here in Newfoundland a few years back, but sadly I was away for work and couldn’t make it to the show. Oh how I would have liked to capture The Eagles in their glory days.

This week I’ve chosen the timeless, quintessential “Hotel California” for you to listen to and enjoy. It portrays instrumental and storytelling mastery like few other groups can muster.

Glenn Frey may have passed, but in a way he never will. A true music legend; his music will live on forever, touching the lives of all those that listen to it. The energy, passion, and groove will be passed on, and it will continue to be enjoyed and rediscovered.

Thank you, Glenn, and rest in peace.

I hope this weeks video will inspire you to rock out to all the classics The Eagles put out back in the day.


Featured image: Glenn Frey – Google




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