Branching Out (in Baby Steps)

If you had told me six years ago that I would love sushi – no, worship sushi – in six years time, I would have politely told you “you’re wrong” but in my head I would have screamed “EW!”

But now I consider sushi a treat of a dining experience that (for me) is transcendent for what I thought food could do to a human being.

It is so incredibly delicious, has an incredible texture, comes in so many forms, can be made of so many highly diverse ingredients, and can be presented in a manner that some would consider to be an art form.

Sushi, for me, is now an exciting and satisfying food experience that I’ve had the pleasure of sharing with a good few people. But, I would not be professing my love for it if I hadn’t made that first “ah well, screw it” decision to try it.

Pictured: Impossible deliciousness bundled in bite-sized morsels.

With that same mindset, my friend and I went to a sushi spot in downtown St. John’s called “Sushi Island” for their AYCE (All You Can Eat) special, and proceeded to order things I’ve never had before. A couple of those items we ordered were beef udon and shrimp tempura (both fantastic). But, the real treat was the Dynamite Roll (pictured right) and the Shrimp Tempura Roll (left).

Oh… my… sweet Jesus. About a year ago I was persuaded to try Unagi (eel) and I’ll never look back. The same thing happened yesterday when I ordered these two items. The texture and flavours combined to become the pinnacle of foods I have ever sampled. Two things happened:

  1. Both rolls in the picture above lasted maybe two minutes.
  2. The face I made upon eating them should never be made in a public place.

It goes to show, then, that I had a great time.

2016 is fresh, just having started, and it’s a great time to really think about and focus on the goal of my blog. The main theme of shaking rust off (or getting better at stuff) will be supported by another category in my blog: Trying New Things. No matter how big or small, Trying New Things will be a major pillar of my project and serve to broaden my horizons in an effort to identify things I can improve on, or better yet, learn from scratch. If I do this right, not only will I get better at things and learn something while I do it, but hopefully you’ll all be inspired to do the same.

More to come soon. Hopefully really soon!


Featured image: The proper sushi experience. – St. John’s, Newfoundland.



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