Tuney Tuesday – 05/01/16

It’s Tuney Tuesday! TOTALLY TUBULAR! (Anyone born after 1993 will not understand that).

I hope everyone is feeling great today and is having a great first week of 2016. Remember how I didn’t do a Tuney Tuesday last week?

Wait, who are you?

Oh, you’ve never read my blog?

No, who am I? And why am I a voice trapped in your head!?

I’m so sorry! Let’s play you some music to tune those questions right out!

SOMEONE CALL THE POLIC– Oh, yeah okay sure.

And, as promised, here’s a Tuney Tuesday double dose!

Keep rocking on your way to the weekend, folks!

“Folks?” Who even says that anymore?

Can’t please everyone!


Featured image: Tame Impala LIVE – Google.


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