Foto [Insert Day Here] (Happy New Year!)

Oh no, another late post. I don’t have an excuse for this one, I was very lazy. And by lazy, I mean tired. And by tired, I definitely don’t mean very hungover. Yes, definitely not.


This [last] week’s Foto Friday is a quickly taken snap from central Newfoundland (I’m not entirely sure where), as my girlfriend and I drove back to St. John’s from the west coast last summer. It was a very smooth, very relaxing cruise along the Trans Canada Highway.

Like that trip, all journeys have a beginning and an end. The passing of the years, and indeed our lives, are no different. In the spirit of the new year celebrations just having passed, I chose this week’s photo to represent my place on my journey through life right now: on the road, kind of lost, but excited about where I’m headed. I’m in my mid-20’s, just started working, wanting to see the world, and have only recently learned that I know nothing at all about almost everything. At first it was disconcerting –  even disturbing –  to discover that my 20 years of education hadn’t really prepared me for life whatsoever. Lately I’ve been starting to see the exciting side of that fact: I’ll never stop learning. Ever.

The photo also ties in nicely with the theme of my blog – a journey. Specifically, it’s a journey to get better at things. I guess you could say it’s a trip that’s only just been planned, but hasn’t really started yet. I have to figure out how to figure things out, to start. However, whatever the outcome, it will be a fantastic learning experience the whole time, and I’m excited to share it with anyone who will listen.

I hope you’ll continue on this fun and bizarre adventure with me. Happy New Year everyone, and may 2016 allow you to learn a whole lot more about this crazy world we live in.


Featured image: The journey continues. – Newfoundland


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