Snapshot Saturday – 26/12/15 (Merry Christmas!)

Hey again, I just wanted to take a moment out of the busy Christmas season to wish everyone Happy Holidays. Enjoy the laughs, smiles, and time with friends and family from all over. Cherish the stories at the table over dinners. Don’t forget to have a pint of the usual. And most importantly, remember those who are less fortunate in your lives and try to extend some Christmas cheer to them!


Thanks to everyone that followed and took the time to read {the hematite blog} in the last few months. It’s still very new and very much a work in progress. In the new year I’ll be refocussing my efforts back to the main reason I started this project: to identify things I’m not good at or don’t know about and get better at them. It’s been long overdue that I start shaking some of this rust off.

So, Merry Christmas from myself, and here’s to many more to come.


Featured image: Christmas is here – Newfoundland



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