Foto Friday – 03/12/15

St. John’s is literally being buried by snow right now. At least, that’s what I think will happen today. You see, I wrote this post yesterday, because I’ll most-likely be out clearing streets, parking lots, and driveways with my buddy’s snow clearing company.

That’s the funny thing about predictions. Much like the most grounded scientific theories, there’s always a chance – no matter how small – that they can be wrong. But, to make sure I get my weekly post in on time I’m doing it beforehand, like a good anti-procrastinator.

The nice thing about some predictions, though, is that sometimes they’re 99.9% accurate. Like how at some point in the next few months, it’ll start warming up, the snow will melt away, the trees will slowly turn from barren to lush and green, the fields will grow tall with grass and flowers, and the sun will shine down. Kinda like this:


That’s a friend’s beach-side cottage property in Pugwash, Nova Scotia. It was the perfect end to mine and my girlfriend’s trip there at the end of the summer. The weather was perfect; it was warm and sunny. We had ample amounts of snacks, more beverages, an incredible view and company to enjoy it with. I even got a little golf swing practice in as we hit some balls onto the beach. I can’t wait for the warmth to come back.

Until then, the winter has it’s own highlights to look forward to. It’s not all cold and gloomy – Christmas is just around the corner, after all!


Featured image: Relaxing ocean-side at a friend’s cottage last summer. – Pugwash, Nova Scotia.



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