I’m Now on Tumblr!

Am I doing this right? I’ve finally mounted a successful attack against procrastination by making my own Tumblr blog today! … Or is procrastination about to wipe me out? It’s a new, crazy world jam-packed with interesting, funny, and bizarre content over there.

If you don’t mind, come and join me over there! All of my future blog posts will be linked to my Tumblr account and I’ll also be posting (and re-Tumblr-ing (?)) interesting pictures, stories, videos, links, and music over there! Hopefully not too many cat posts, though. I’ve heard that makes for a quick downward spiral.

Anyhow, click the link below to check out my (currently barren) Tumblr blog! Happy blogging, everyone!



Featured image: Oh no, what have I done – Google.


4 thoughts on “I’m Now on Tumblr!

  1. Ah welcome to tumblr! You’ve been brought over to the dark side I see. It’s a love hate relationship but you will LOVE it, if you know what I mean! Check out my blog if you want, the link to my tumblr is at the top. Enjoy!

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