Foto Friday -20/11/15

It’s happening. It’s time, it’s here, it’s unavoidable and unstoppable.

The snow is starting to fall. Winter is coming.


The snow-capped Lower Battery.

The first snowfall is always a novelty thing. It catches you off-guard. An otherwise grey afternoon turns into a warm childhood memory with the sight of those first intermittent snowflakes.

But then it gets colder, it makes our roads hard to travel, [the unlucky ones] have to shovel it, and the novelty wears out quick.

I’ll stop complaining now, sometimes the winter transition turns me into a jaded old man. Once you look past the frigid cold, the slushy roads, the howling winds, the meters-deep snowfalls, and the short, grey days, you see a certain majesty in the winter months. You see things like I did in the photo above; bright, warm, vibrant patches of humanity drawn together in community to wait out the cold. How did they do it, hundreds of years ago? The Lower Battery has been lived on for many, many years. It’s amazing to me how they stuck it out and persevered through the harsh winters on a stark cliffside just off the frigid Atlantic. It definitely makes you appreciate all the utilities and amenities we take for granted these days.

Wherever you are tonight, I hope you’re enjoying a warm night with friends or family. Take a moment to reflect on all the things we’re able to do because of those that came before us, and have an awesome weekend!


Featured image: The Lower Battery last winter – St. John’s, Newfoundland


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