Tuney Tuesday – 17/11/15

You just died.

Or, at least, that’s what you think happened.

You were bungee jumping. Looking down from the bridge, all you see is the seemingly tiny meandering river at the bottom of the canyon, a couple hundred feet below. You look up to find you’re awash in the mid-afternoon sun. The small crowd around you is making all kinds of noises and excited small talk. Look down again. It’s so far down. This isn’t something a person should ever do. The nerves generate a lump in your throat so thick that you choke. Take a breath. Count to 3.

1… 2… —

Before you can think the number 3 you spring upwards and outwards. Gravity takes over just as you hit the apex of your jump and sends you plummeting to the canyon floor below. The wind is the only sound in the universe, dwarfing your excited and terrified shout. There is no time to adjust to this feeling, there is no time for regret, but time seems to dilute into infinity as your adrenal glands empty themselves into your blood stream. Your eyes become incredibly focused, your vision intensely detailed. You can see a small flock of birds flapping in slow motion to your right, and the wind is gently blowing a lone tree back and forth on the cliff to your left. You can see everything. Nothing feels like this. You are so free, walking the thin line between godliness and death.

Your fall suddenly slows as the bungee cord reaches its peak length and begins to stretch. The deceleration sends your arms and legs ahead of your body.


You barely realize what has happened as the deceleration ends and you begin to fall again. The cord snapped. The sound becomes your world’s definition as you struggle to comprehend the implications and work out a plan of action. There is nothing. Helplessness. You struggle to look around and remember the birds. But they are so far away now. The ground closes in. The air tearing by is the only sound in the universe —

Darkness. And then, just as abruptly, light.

You just died. What’s next?

A bit of a read, I know, but I wanted to spread my creative writing wings a bit and this is exactly the train of thought Tame Impala‘s “Let It Happen” instills in me. The music video excellently complements the song. A short, bizarre romp through the last moments of a middle-aged man’s life ending with bright and vibrant imagery of another beginning. There’s something about Tame Impala, who I’ve been listening to for a few years now, that produces this desire to pursue the more esoteric parts of life. Big thoughts and bigger ideas that lead to the biggest questions that can be asked. Nearly every time, the big, expansive sound gives me goosebumps like only the best music can.

I hope it inspires a cool thought journey for you, too. If not, I at least hope you enjoy the tune with its interesting video.


Featured image: Transitions – “Let It Happen” music video, Vevo & okayplayer.com


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