Foto Friday – 13/11/15

Happy… Friday the 13th.

Oh no! It’s Friday the 13th! The most unlucky day on the calendar. Ah! Quick, cancel any and all plans, unplug all appliances, safely store all your ladders, and don’t you dare leave your house because a black cat might cross your path and then… then

Nothing. It’ll just be another day in your life.

Superstitions are funny, aren’t they? Old wives tales passed down from generation to generation that create behaviours and habits in us today. Friday the 13th is one of them. Possibly stemming from the middle ages interpretation of the story of Jesus’ crucifixion, the belief commonly held by western society that a Friday falling on the 13th of the month as being unlucky has been around for a long, long time. It’s evolved and expanded over the years to include ridiculous things such as walking under erect ladders, black cat trajectories, and accidentally causing a family members demise by getting your hair cut.

Not all superstitions are bad, though.

The sky is on fire.
The sky is on fire.

That’s a fall sunset off the back deck. Being the descendants of an outport society, Newfoundland families are rich with sailor and fisherman lore. One such phrase passed down, which could be called a superstition, is “Red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky at morning, sailors take warning.” It’s used these days mainly as a positive weather prediction for the following day, and as all superstitions, isn’t always the case – especially here where the weather can change before you blink an eye. This was a particularly striking sunset though, with the clouds hung just low enough to seemingly stretch the sun out along the sky.

I hope you all have very regular days and your luck holds up until tomorrow! Just don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the weekend.


Featured image: The fiery sunset off the back deck – Newfoundland


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