Foto Friday – 06/11/15


A drink you can’t just walk up to and gulp down if you haven’t had it before. It’s one of those refined tastes that takes years (and takes some longer) to acquire, and even longer to enjoy. It’ll keep you warm on a cold winter’s night, that’s for sure.

The Jameson Distillery - Dublin
I smell whiskey in the air – Dublin

That’s the Jameson Distillery as seen from my hotel balcony in downtown Dublin at the crack of dawn. I’m lucky I planned a full day excursion, otherwise I’d never have gotten to see how beautiful Dublin is in the early morning. I’m not a morning person.

You get a very distinct feeling of history as you take in the sights; this is a storied place. Almost 250 years of distilling whiskey just off the river the runs through Dublin. It makes for a nice sight on your walk through town, and the tour is definitely worth the price of admission. If whiskey isn’t your speed though you may have a hard time with it.

So, this weekend have a glass of whiskey on the rocks for me. Worst case scenario, you’ll be making your ancestors proud in a scrap with someone you don’t know at the end of the night.

Featured image: The Jameson Distillery in downtown Dublin – Dublin, Ireland.


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