Tuney Tuesday – 03/11/15

I hope everyones Halloween celebrations were awesome this year. Mine was somewhat reduced as I was in the throes of a vicious mancold. Anyhow, I’ve found the road to recovery and will soon be a useless sook no more! Welcome to this week’s Tuney Tuesday.

That’s Newfoundland’s very own Hey Rosetta! with “Carry Me Home”. It’s a homesick ballad that speaks of amazing adventures while knowing the desire to return home is always burning. They’re the biggest group to come out of NL since Great Big Sea, and they’re already known fairly well the world over. I’ve seen them live a couple of times and it’s always a very energetic, emotional and intimate experience. They’re masterful musicians, and their blend of indie rock with classical components is incredible. If you hear about them making a stop nearby, you should take advantage of the opportunity and go see them. You won’t be disappointed!

Keep your head bobbing until next week. Have a good one!


Featured image: Album art from Into Your Lungs by Hey Rosetta! – Google


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