Snapshot Saturday – 31/10/15

Oh no, another Snapshot Saturday. This time it’s not because my computer is dead, or that I was too lazy to post yesterday. I missed Foto Friday this week because of this stuff:

Yeah, that’s the first snowfall of the year as seen on the back deck. It looks pretty – a light frosting of snow. But, behind that innocent facade lay an evil so sinister I can’t begin to explain it. It’s because of this first snowfall, and the cold that came with it that I missed Foto Friday. The sudden dip in temperature has triggered a severe mancold in me. I am a bedridden, bone ache-laden husk of a human being. True to mancold form, I’m also the world’s biggest sook at the moment, and my girlfriend has been unbelievably tolerant by making me soup, coffee, and saying nothing as I indulge in fast food delights.

I love where I live, I love Canada, and I adore ice hockey. But, if I could flee to a warmer climate from October to April, I would. I’d trade it all to escape the cold, stark, windy, blizzard-filled days of winter. Sadly this is not the reality and I’ll have to endure another frigid snowy season. It could always be worse, I remember, but it does take a few days for me to accept.

And now I bid you farewell as I return to my bed to suffer out the rest of this sickness.

Oh, and Happy Halloween!


Featured image: the seemingly innocent if not undeniably evil first snowfall. – Newfoundland


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