Tuney Tuesday – 27/10/15

Ah, the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Easily my favourite band by many orders of magnitude, and it’s been that way for over a decade. It doesn’t matter what new bands or sounds come into my life, I always find myself coming back to the irresistible punk-funk rock of the Chili Peppers. The first time I heard of them was when I saw this music video on Much Music in 1999. I was 11 years old, and the sound infected me from the moment Californication hit my ears. I was instantly captivated. Who were these silly-looking shirtless guys and what was this sound they were making? Immediately after that thought followed: Whatever he’s doing to those drums is AMAZING. Sadly I missed out on the Californication album because I was a constantly distracted kid; I didn’t look much further into RHCP until I was in high school. The double album Stadium Arcadium hit music store shelves and I haven’t looked back since. If you ever go for a drive with me, chances are I’ll have listened to some RHCP tune on my way to either meet you or pick you up. I can play almost any RHCP song on the drums at command (memorized – even some live versions), and I credit my interest in the band with getting me proficient with the drum kit. Watching videos of their live performances has taught me how to be tight, control the tempo, and still improvise while at the same time destroying the kit. I even managed to see them play a show in Montreal in May 2012 while they were on their I’m With You tour.

To me, RHCP has a classic, instantly recognizable sound, with songs in their repertoire that span from chill and introspective to hard-hitting and soul-filled funk. I hope you enjoy one of their best this Tuney Tuesday. And no, not every Tuney Tuesday from now on will be RHCP, although I’ll be tempted to every week!


Featured image: The Chili Peppers blasting sound into the Bell Centre – Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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