Tuney Tuesday – 20/10/15

Happy Tuney Tuesday! Before we hit the tune, just an FYI that Stephen Harper got ousted from office last night, and the mood in Canada (from what I can tell) is cautiously optimistic. Yay!

This week’s tune is “Riptide” by Vance Joy. It’s a lovely Aussie song that has a bewildering yet captivating music video to boot. The song is very special to me, and I’ve found myself listening to it on repeat several times. The amazing ukulele strums steadily through the entirety and the soft vocal harmonies force a massive smile onto your face. I hope you enjoy it, I know it’s an especially good driving song!

Oh, and my best buddy’s coworker actually knows of this guy! Apparently the friend moved over this way for work, and when he and his girlfriend returned to Australia for a visit Vance Joy had grown to be mega popular. What a small world!

Enjoy the day, everyone!


Featured image: The ocean stirs – Google


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