Election Day 2015

Good morning, afternoon, or evening to the waking people of Earth.

Today is the Canadian Federal General Election here in Canada. A day where people from the east to west coasts of Canada will take a small portion of their days and use it to voice their opinion on which party and person will lead the country.

Or at least, that’s what should happen. The sad thing is, many people will not vote today. They’ll either make excuses about timing, their overloaded schedule, or will say their “vote doesn’t matter”. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. If everyone thought that way, no one would vote. 61% of eligible Canadians (as polled) turned out to vote in the 2011 election. Some would say that isn’t bad, but that means 39% of eligible Canadian voters (over 9,400,000 people) figured they’d let the 2011 election pass by, and thereby leave the next few years of their country’s future up to chance. I don’t understand how that makes sense. These people that believe their vote doesn’t matter are in denial at best, irresponsible in the worst case. Voting is not a chore, it’s a right and a privilege. A very special right, as many people in the developing world have no say in who runs their country, no say that their leaders/dictators/government will fight for their welfare, jobs, or even basic human rights. It’s our responsibility to honour our ancestors that fought and worked to forge this great place where we live and actually use the rights they struggled and may have died for.

I’m not going to dare tell anyone who to vote for. I’m not that naive or bold. Vote for whomever you want. If a party puts forth a platform that you can get behind, I dig that. You do you. No one will look down on you for exercising your democratic right. All I ask is you actually vote. No person or party that you choose to elect will be perfect, and there will always be opposition to your opinion, but for Christ sakes actually care about it and voice it. And to anyone that tries to push “strategic voting”, I say give them a flick of your favourite finger. It’s more foolish than things I’ve heard come out of some politicians noise-holes.

As I said before, I won’t tell you who to vote for, but I do have my own opinion and I’d like to end this post with some points on the current state of Canadian politics under the reign of Stephen Harper:

  • They’ve talked to no end about balancing the budget, and yet they haven’t managed to do it more than once. When they did, they did it at great expense to various programs and Canadian pockets.
  • They’ve spent so, so, so much money on such absolute necessities as:
    • Enjoying a baseball game in New York ($45,000)
    • Detaining refugees ($265,000,000)
    • Bombing ISIS ($500,000,000)
    • A new James Bond-style spy headquarters ($1,200,000,000)
    • And, last but not least, $3,100,000,000 on things that were so important that they didn’t bother keeping a receipt or mentioning what they even were.
  • They’ve worked to reduce scientific spending and research.
  • They changed the Government of Canada’s name to the Harper Government, which makes it sound like it’s a super cool exclusive club! Party on!
  • Reduced Canada’s world-renowned status as a peace-loving, accepting nation to that of an oppressive, xenophobic state.
  • They’ve been exposed as covering for and including a scandalous band of merry criminals.
  • They’ve reduced the number of protected lakes and waterways in the country from 2.5 million to just under 159 under Harper (a 99.9% decrease). Really?
  • There are more, but I’m done. They’re easily accessible online, and not hard to find.

Again, I am not campaigning for anyone, but I have an opinion. You should vote for whomever you deem fit to run the country, and whomever you believe has yours and your family’s best interest at heart. So tell your friends, neighbours, coworkers, even strangers to hit up the polling stations today and make their voices heard! You’re literally laughing in the face of the entire country if you don’t.

Cheers and Happy Election Day! May something half-decent come of it.

Featured image: My obvious opinion on the whole situation – source.


3 thoughts on “Election Day 2015

  1. Thank you! Voting, as you said, is a privilege and a right – one that has been hard fought by so many before us and it is our duty to make sure we go out there and cast our ballots. It’s our country and now is the time to make our voices heard.


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