Tuney Tuesday – 06/10/15

I must apologize. Tuney Tuesday has landed on a Wednesday this week. It turns out that Macbook power cords actually do wear out after four years. Who knew.

This week’s tune is “My Girl” by Yukon Blonde, from their 2012 album Tiger Talk (you can hear the studio version here). They’re an indie rock outfit from Kelowna, British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada, and they are excellent. I say this from the heart because I saw them play a show only two weeks ago. Every song they played was blasted into the bar with passionate enthusiasm. The band members themselves are polite young fellas, often taking time between songs to chat up the crowd. They played “My Girl” as a birthday request for a girl who turned 19 that night – her first night in a bar (legally, at least). I also enjoyed how their drummer played so hard that I wasn’t sure if he or the drums would explode.

Barely Pictured: that drum set being harshly punished, and everyone loving it.
Barely Pictured: that drum set being harshly punished, and everyone loving it.

One of their earlier albums, 2010’s self-titled entry Yukon Blonde, is a favourite of mine, and I listen to it often. If you wanted to check out the bands earlier, indie rock sound, listen to songs like “Brides Song” and “Blood Cops”. They’re crisp, hard hitting tunes with amazing vocal tracks. If you’re more into the modern move to incorporating electronica sounds in music, their new album On Blonde will more than satisfy you. Definitely check out “Saturday Night” and “Como”.

Besides the tunes themselves, I also chose Yukon Blonde as my band of focus this week because of their joint-project song with Hey Rosetta! It’s a passionate call for the youth of Canada to end the controversial reign of Stephen Harper’s government by actually getting out to vote in a couple of weeks and voice their opinions on what’s important to them and their country. So, if you’re over 18 and living in Canada, remember to vote on October 19th! I’ll leave it for you to listen to below. Thanks for joining me for another Tuney Tuesday. Another band to come next week!


Featured image: Tiger Talk album art – Google


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