Tuney Tuesday – 22/09/15

Welcome to my second weekly segment – Tuney Tuesday.

Close to where I live there are a few local bars that do this promotion every Tuesday night called Toonie Tuesday’s. A toonie is a $2 Canadian coin (the looney is the $1 coin), and you can buy a beer or shot for $2 at these bars every Tuesday night. As you can imagine these events can get a little messy, especially if you happen to have work first thing Wednesday morning. But, on the lighter side, it’s extraordinarily cheap and you should try it at least once.

I’ve repurposed the term Toonie Tuesday to entitle my new weekly segment. I’m sorry, though, you won’t find any cheap drinks here (unless you’re sipping on your favourite cocktail while reading this, then I applaud you). In place of Toonie, it’s Tuney (as in tunes or songs). Get it? Hehe, I’m clever (not).

Anyhow, as with Foto Friday, the idea is simple. Every Tuesday I’ll post a song that I believe to be awesome, and with any luck you’ll agree with me and have yourself a listen, and maybe a dance if you’re so inclined.

The inaugural tune of the week is “Do I Wanna Know?” by the Arctic Monkeys, from their album AM. Have a listen to it. Let the melody bounce around inside your head, I’ll still be here when you get back.

Isn’t that awesome? A constant, pounding bass drum sets your head bobbing throughout the song. It’s a laid back beat, but intent and powerful at the same time. Alex Turner’s vocals ring through with that classic British punk-rock vibe. The chorus really brings it home with falsetto backing vocals that make your hair stand on end. It’s a perfectly minimalist tune with massive sound. And, if you didn’t notice, I’m a big fan of it. Go ahead and listen to that whole album. It’s fantastic. Songs like Are U Mine? and Arabella will you have you rocking out all day. It’s safe to say I’d love to see them in concert the next time I get the chance.

That’s the Tuney Tuesday tune of the week. If I steered anyone onto following the Arctic Monkeys then I’d consider it a success. Next week I’ll try to have a completely different sound for you all to enjoy.



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