Blogging 201: Give ‘Em What They Want

This will be another short entry from me, seeing as how my blog just started. I know you’re all extremely disappointed you won’t get to read much of my ramblings today, but I assure you there’s much to come.

Now, today’s Blogging 201 assignment has much to do with the stats and insights that WordPress offers with all its blogging services to keep track of the people that visit my lovely site. And this is the reason why today’s post will be so short – there aren’t many insights for my blog just yet. I only have a handful of posts (mostly about this course), and followers only recently started… following. I have yet to establish a schedule for posts and a plan for those posts.

Maybe now is a good time to do that? 

Who said that? That was disconcerting. But yeah, sure. Sounds good to me.

Based on the sparse insights available to me at the moment, my most visited page is the home page. That makes sense, I suppose. Readers have to get there to get anyone else, right? After that pretty much every post has around the same number of views. Consistent, at least. The only thing that stands out as being a downer is that the least viewed page is the About page. Yes, I know, it needs to be more developed and easily accessible. A couple people from Bahrain and even Singapore took a look through my blog, though. That’s seriously cool stuff.

Since there isn’t much rhyme or reason to my insights just yet, I think I’ll take a stab at creating an editorial calendar anyhow. Adding two weekly recurring segments is a good start. The first one will kick off tomorrow and I hope some of you get a chance to look at it. Besides that, doing at least two self-betterment posts a month would be good to build on the theme I’ve had in mind since the beginning of this project. With any luck it’ll help me reach the three goals I set in the first post.

Until tomorrow, stay frosty readers.


Featured image: a super cool polar alignment (long exposure) starscape from somewhere on this blue marble. – Google


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