Blogging 201: Auditing My Brand

The second assignment for Blogging 201 is to audit my brand. This is a fantastic exercise for developing the look and flow of the blog. And, considering that my blog is brand new, thing’s can only get better.

I consulted a fellow Blogging 201 student’s blog for a checklist to help me through. It’s very comprehensive, and besides that their blog is incredible, with stunning photos of their sculptures using various mediums. If you’ve got a minute head over to the McCallister Sculpture blog and check them out!

  • Is my bio accurate and updated?
    • My “About” page is kind of hidden. This isn’t good, as I’m sure potential readers will want to know a little about me. One of my blog’s themes is to avoid my identity and instead focus on getting better at things. That doesn’t mean, however, that I can’t give the reader something tangible to create background with. I’ll have to update it very soon, and make it more visible.
  • Are my color themes on brand/ complement my content?
    • I feel my theme choice fits my blog’s intent, staying minimalist and focusing on the blog posts. The font is simple and clean, like I want. The blog post links themselves dominate the page and, I hope, draw the reader in with high quality photos.
  • Does my header/ banner font match what’s on my marketing material?
    • As mentioned above I do enjoy the font’s and header location/size that I’m employing now. Perhaps I should play around with different sizes and font combos, though.
  • Is my logo prominently placed and recognizable?
    • I really like the logo. It’s bolded, clean, and nicely located in the top left corner. I don’t think I’d change much there, besides maybe make a custom logo at some point.
  • Are my social media channels consistent with my brand?
    • The only social media channel I currently tie to my blog is Twitter. It’s early going, but the tones are consistent in both thus far. Consistency is key in that respect.
  • Are my social media channels optimally placed to get new followers?
    • I haven’t yet explored all the location possibilities for a Twitter widget. It’s something I notice is lacking from my page, however. Looking into finding a way to incorporate a Twitter feed to my main page is high up on my list of things to do.
  • Do I have a good mix of content to engage my readers?
    •  My blog is going to focus mainly of self-improvement articles, but also include self-interest pieces. I have only done a couple posts, but I’m starting to realize that having text-heavy posts is boring. I’m going to try and include more pictures, quotes, and links in future posts to flesh them out a bit. Besides that, I think having a weekly feature or two would be a good way to get people coming back for quality content.
  • Is my tone consistent?
    • I’m definitely passionate about the things I write about, but I try and lace all my posts with subtle doses of humour (usually at my own expense). I plan to build on this tone.
  • Does my menu convey what my site and brand is about, even if they don’t click in it
    • I don’t even have a menu yet! It’s just posts and a sneaky About page that loves to hide. I guess you could say that if my menu had a voice it would be whispering to you as it passed you by. That will have to change as I develop content for the blog.
  • Are those widgets strategic and have a purpose or are they unnecessary?
    • I’d like to keep the blog as simple and minimalist as possible. Cluttering it with unnecessary widgets would be counter to the theme. A couple widgets, placed the right way, would definitely benefit my blog, though. Something else to work on!

That checklist was an excellent tool in this exercise, so thanks again McCallister Sculpture! I won’t be making any solid changes today, but three things I’d like to incorporate into my blog that I believe will help drive the theme home are:

  1. Find a way to place my blog’s Twitter feed on my home page, thus drawing prospective readers to my Twitter account where I’ll post more than just blogs. It has to be done in a way that doesn’t compromise the theme and flow of the page.
  2. My “About” page is pseudo-mysteriously hidden behind a tiny button in the top right hand corner of the home page. I want to alter that to be more visible and accessible.
  3. The blog posts themselves are nice and big, taking up most of the space on the page. I like that, but I think that adding a small subtitle under blog titles would give readers a better idea of what they were about to read.

Until tomorrow (and the next assignment),



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