Blogging 201: Setting Three Goals

I’ve signed up for a short two week course through WordPress called Blogging 201. The goal of the course is essentially to enable me to learn how to refine my blog and orient it to attract more readers and like-minded people.  So, for the next two weeks the majority of my posts will focus on the course itself. Any comments or feedback would be much appreciated! My first assignment is to set three goals that I’ll accomplish through my blog. After some thought I’ve decided my three goals will be:

  1. To learn how to write better in general and learn how to draw readers in with engaging articles.
  2. To attain 30 blog followers by November 20th.
  3. To help people through my blog writing (whether that be by motivating my readers, helping them learn something new or by making them laugh.)

I think that’s a good way to start. I look at this journey like I’ll be hiking Mount Everest. Where else can you start than by taking that first step?



9 thoughts on “Blogging 201: Setting Three Goals

  1. Hey there! Great goals and imagery to complement. I was wondering, what kind of post this was – because it didn’t cut off like all the others – where it only posts a preview. Do you know how you did that? Look, you’re already ahead of the game 🙂


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